96 Points Wine
A New Premium Wine Brand that Lampoons Wine Ratings

Lifestyle wine company Wines That Rock has introduced “96 Points”, a new Cabernet Sauvignon intended to deliver on value, taste and presentation while at the same time lampooning the traditional 100-point wine rating system. 96 Points Cabernet hails from Lodi, California and is aged in American oak barrels to add extra character to its fruit-focused flavor.

Lodi’s Mediterranean climate (warm days and cool nights), combined with deep, loamy soils, ripens Cabernet grapes fully and evenly. 96 Points grape growers remove leaves from the vines during the growing season to facilitate even ripening and color development in the grapes. The result is a well-balanced, richly flavored Cabernet Sauvignon.

“Our winemakers have gone to extraordinary lengths to make this a great bottle of wine,” said Craig Spurrier, head of innovation for Wines That Rock. “Using premium grapes and simple, yet elegant packaging, 96 Points pokes fun at the wine critic’s expense. 96 Points is one of the best wines we’ve produced in our 15-year history.”

96 Points’ playful label commentary comes from fictional wine critic Chumlea Hill (chum-lee hill), the pretentious embodiment of today’s wine ratings commentator. Point in fact, there are no agreed-upon guidelines for scoring wine. Wine evaluation is 100% subjective, a personal opinion bestowed by often self-proclaimed experts, hence the irony of the 96 Points moniker. While it pokes fun at wine critics and wine scoring in general, 96 Points starts and ends with quality grapes and winemaking.

The 96 Points package has a mirrored finish giving the bottle an elegant, rich feel. Wines That Rock has also done away with the usual foil cap, bucking tradition, because the top capsule serves no real purpose and is rarely properly recycled.

96 Points Cabernet Sauvignon is available in over 200 H-E-B locations in Texas. It will be available nationwide in 2020 at suggested retail $16.99.


For more than 15 years the Wines That Rock’s mission has been to create premium wines that enhance the direct connection between brands and fans. Wines That Rock delivers uniquely creative brand extensions while maintaining authenticity and fun.

The founders of Wines That Rock, LLC have been at the forefront of bringing pop culture to fans for decades. Originally born out of a passion for music and wine, Wines That Rock launched its namesake collection of classic wines influenced by the spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Working together with brand owners such as: NBC Universal, ABC, The Rolling Stones, NPR, TCM, Cirque du Soleil, Star Trek, Downton Abbey, Discovery and many others, Wines That Rock specializes in bringing new, exciting wines and wine clubs to market. With over 35 years of Rock ‘n’ Roll experience, Wines That Rock promotes, produces and markets their one of a kind wines to a global marketplace.